My Readers are Amazing

Sharon March 30th, 2008

I’m regularly awed by the people I meet through this blog, but I admit, I’m particularly stunned by this.  At 11 am on a Sunday morning, I posted a request for a volunteer transcriptionist or two.  I figured maybe we’d get lucky and get a couple of volunteers, but probably not before Monday when people got back to work.  We didn’t offer much in the way of rewards, either.

By you 3:30 today (Sunday), I had 22 volunteers, almost twice as many as we have interviews ;-).  Can I just say how awed, thankful and deeply impressed I am by your generosity?  Some of you I know, and some of you I don’t, but I know everyone who volunteered has 43 other uses for that time.  Aaron and I appreciate it hugely.

We don’t need any more volunteers, but thank you so much also to those who thought “Oh, if only I’d seen it first I would have done it ;-)!”  And if you emailed or commented in the blog, I’ll get in touch to let you know ;-).

Thank you all again!


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  1. Anonymouson 30 Mar 2008 at 5:19 pm

    If your readers are amazing, it’s because they have super amazing stuff to read

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