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Ok, I'm Dorkily Excited…

Sharon April 30th, 2008

I’m not asking anyone to buy it (and it will be available for preorder through this site shortly) – I just want to show off the really neat cover.  I know, I’m supposed to be handling this gracefully, and trying to look as though I have books come out every day,  but there’s a part of me bouncing up and down and saying…”A book…a real, live book… and my name is on it!”  I never was good at looking cool.

 Anyway, that’s really all.

 Oh, except I’ve finally updated most of the pages on this site, including information about classes I’ll be offering over the summer (I’ve had about a zillion requests to reoffer the food storage class, and will be doing so in July), my next appearances (I’m going to be on a panel with NoImpactman and James Kunstler in NYC in July, which should be a blast, and I’m going to be a guest lecturer at the permaculture class I mentioned in my “Four Brothers” post), and various other odds and ends. 

Ok…Must. Stop. Looking. At. Shiny. Thing.