Southern Train Trip?

admin October 21st, 2010

Hey Folks – I’m thinking of making a trip south in February of this year, the week of 20-27, which is Eric’s school break. I’ve got a gig in GA on either Thursday or Friday of that week, and was thinking that it would be fun to arrange to do some speaking gigs on the way down and possibly back, depending on timing.  I’d need to get home on Sunday, and I’d probably not leave until Monday.  I’d be taking the east coast route, and was thinking I might try to get to NC and see Aaron and Edson, and maybe stop in VA somewhere. 

If you or an organization you are involved with would be interested in setting something up, let me know!  This is a good opportunity also to spread travel costs out over several organizations.


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  1. Amy says:

    If you end up in Richmond, VA, we’ve got a few empty bedrooms & an open door.

  2. e4 says:

    In the immortal words of Johnny Olson, “Come on down!”

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Where in Georgia? :)

  4. Robyn says:

    Just a word to the wise…once Amtrak steps outside of the northeast corridor (Boston to DC), things go downhill quickly. Be sure to schedule in at least an extra day to account for delays. I wish I could be more enthused about train travel in the US but the truth is, it stinks. Sometimes literally. On a recent Montreal to NYC route, our car had no air conditioning (and of course no windows opened!) so it quickly became very hot and very smelly. The conductor said that to fix it, they would have to stop the train and go underneath the car to adjust the temperature. I am thinking Jimmy Carter funded the building of that train car, which was the last time anyone cared about doing something about trains.

    Sorry for such bitterness, but it is a VERY sad state of affairs.

  5. Just put into favorites this topic. Good information.

  6. owlfan says:

    Yes, where in GA? Is it an event open to the public? I really enjoyed meeting you when you came to Macon last time.

  7. carol says:

    If you stop in Charlottesville I would be happy to put you and yours up and feed you on good local food! I know you were just here but you did ask…. Will stay tuned

  8. David Baskin says:

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  9. Sara: in northern rural Alabama says:

    we’ll leave the light on for you …
    half way between Huntsville and Birmingham in Alabama.

    come Friday night and we’ll light candles and say prayers over pomegranate juice and rice crackers (our usual fare for Shabbat)

  10. Greensboro NC -I’ve put some feelers out to see if we can host you!

  11. Amy says:

    Looking forward to more details about your trip to GA. Like Owlfan, I enjoyed hearing your talk and all the other talks at the conference in Macon. Hope we get to hear more!

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