Revisiting "Slow Clothing" and "Jewish Farming"

Sharon February 10th, 2009

Yours truly is having a media blitz this week (ok, a very, very small blitz).  First, there’s a Christian Science Monitor piece on the “Slow Fashion/Slow Clothing” movement, which apparently, I invented.  I never invented anything before, so that seems cool to me.  It was one of my very first published pieces.  I’ve been meaning to write something revisiting the question of how to dress ethically, so maybe this will be the kick in the behind that I need.  My family just thinks it is funny that my name is associated with the word “fashion” in any way, given that my motto for dressing is the same as the late, great Molly Ivins, who said that your clothes say something about you, and hers said “Woman who wears clothes so she won’t be nekkid.” 

Also, the Dallas Morning News ran a revised version of my essay about being a Jewish Farmer this week on their Sunday Commentary Pages.  I was very pleased and flattered that they wanted it, and am hoping that it will generate some discussion of Jewish and minority group agriculture.  A big thanks to Rod Dreher, who pointed the piece out to the relevant editor, and who almost certainly has done more to promote my career than I ever have!



7 Responses to “Revisiting "Slow Clothing" and "Jewish Farming"”

  1. EJ says:

    This time of year there’s also: woman who wears clothes as not to freeze. (+10F)

  2. curiousalexa says:

    oh, that is so me! I was complaining to a friend the other day that I’m ready for summer, because I’m tired of wearing so many clothes! Of course, come summer, I’ll be looking forward to cuddling up during cool weather again. This IS why I choose to live in a four-season climate… [g]

    Today is nearly 60F – I’m going to go play in the yard, measure garden spaces, and lounge in my hammock!

    Alexa in IL

  3. ChristyACB says:

    Slow fashion…I thought that was just when it took forever to pick out
    clothes. Better yet, when you only bought them on sale a year AFTER
    they were in fashion. :)

    Just kiddng, Congrats!

  4. Liz says:

    Maybe its the media blitz…but in the past few days Amazon’s price for your book when from 12 and change to almost $15. I know…I should purchase it elsewhere…but my local favorite bookstore didn’t have it (and that was in SANTA CRUZ…they should have it!)

  5. terry says:

    Recently I read the book “Nobodies” about modern day slavery. Since then I have become aware that pretty much all clothing is made in these type conditions. Every cataloge that is sent in the mail contained 99% imported clothing. I am a farmer and need durable work clothes. I turned to the web and found one manufacturer in Tenn, Pointer Brand. Carhart claims to be American made but the majority is not made here. It breaks my heart that people are not aware or just dont care. We must stop sacrificing everything for cheap foreign goods. I suppose I could spin my own clothes like Ghandi.

  6. aurorab says:

    Hey Sharon, you made it to ABC News online!

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