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The World Goes South While Sharon Cleans Under Her Couch

Sharon June 12th, 2008

Yikes – cheery news all around, no?  Let’s see, Spain and Portugal are  essentially shut down, half a dozen countries are experiencing massive fuel or food riots.  The race for most appalling dramatic gesture by a desperately poor person struggling to survive is being run between the farmers in Karnataka who rioted and demanded either fertilizer so they could grow food or poison so they could kill themselves, and the Thai fishermen who are setting their own boats on fire, because they have no hope of ever surviving. 

This is peak oil, people.  Yes, it is muddied up with other things – but it is peak oil, and it looks, kinda horribly like what all the peak oil people have been talking about for all these years.  It sucks big green donkey dicks. It is sad and lousy.

Meanwhile, I, who could be keeping you up to date on all of the world’s doom, or at least finalizing the list of post apocalyptic novels so that we can get really cheerful, am abandoning you and the world stage for a while.  You see a whole bunch of my family is coming for the weekend, and, well, I don’t think anyone’s going to buy the argument that I couldn’t clean the house or weed the garden because of the situation in Karnataka.  I’m taking a break to discover what horrors lurk under the couch.  Four children plus 2 dogs, plus 4 cats plus 2 indifferent housekeepers means that something horrible, often several somethings, always do show up.

If you are wondering where I am, maybe because you tried to register for one of the courses, I promise I’m not ignoring you.  Or rather, I am, but only because there are drifts of dog hair the size of snowdrifts in my living room, not because I don’t care.  I promise I’ll email everyone after a few days of quiet denial and frantic scrubbing.

Wishing everyone a doom-free weekend.