Making Money Growing Stuff

Sharon February 17th, 2009

It is school break week, and the day that we’re having five additional children over for the day.  Unfortunately, it is also the day that Eric forgot that he would be gone all day at a training session.  Oops.

 So unless I duct tape them to the floor (much more likely that they’ll get me ;-) ), I’m afraid I’m off today.  Aaron is covering my behind over at the garden design class, so check his blog out for good stuff on growing food.

 And I’m relying on you all to cover me in this post - I’m looking for as many creative suggestions about hwo to make money growing food as possible.  Normally, I’d post a list, but I have to go face the chaos and remind everyone “No, the kitty does not like to fly.”  So I’ll be grateful for your help!


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