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Still Waiting for My Pepsi Cash, but…

Sharon July 9th, 2010

I’m back to work at scienceblogs.  They exceeded my requirements, I had said I’d come back to work if they met them, they did, I’m back.  Or rather, actually I’m on vacation in coastal MA, visiting my parents, but that’s vacation not “vacation.”

I know a lot of you like this blog better, and I really appreciate that.  Unfortunately, there are things about science blogs that can’t be duplicated from here - most notably the fact that it gives peak oil awareness a public boost, and puts information about resource depletion out in a place where you don’t have to know about it already to find it.  That’s why I took the gig and that’s why I’m staying at Scienceblogs for the forseeable future (which may not be that long, if my colleagues are right that Seed Media is circling the drain ;) ).  But I will try to give this site equal attention - which may be more annoying, because now you have to check two blogs.  Best I can do, though.