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_Prelude_ Circulation and Apprentice Weekend

Sharon December 20th, 2010

I broke my little toe this weekend, which I mention because while it is completely unimportant (the only things you can do about broken toes is tape and whine, I’m good at both ;-) ), I’m using it as an excuse to take some time off this week and post lightly over the next couple. Don’t ask me to explain how a broken toe affects my ability to type, or why I’m using it as an excuse to spend more time on my feet baking cookies and cleaning house instead of sitting quietly at the computer. It makes no sense, but after a busy, hectic first half of the month, i figure the majority of my readership is probably too tired too to notice the logical inconsistencies. So while I will post the second part of my review of The Witch of Hebron and my 2011 predictions and probably some other stuff when the spirit moves, I’m going to be quieter than usual since everyone else is going on vacation too, and because I have a perfect, if incoherent excuse. If it helps, I give you all official permission to use excuses that make no sense either for things. Try it out! “Sorry, I can’t come to the office Christmas Party because there’s a llama in my parlor” or “I forgot to get you a present because spleen’ might actually be more satisfying than the real answers.

Meanwhile, I do have two announcements. First, the first three people to request our round robin copies of Kurt Cobb’s _Prelude_ (kindly donated by Kurt to make it possible that low income folks with no copies at their library get to join in next month’s book club selection) be sent to them (send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll hook you up with the person who had it last) will get it – the first round of readers is done with it. I’ll post a “they are taken” update on this post after the first three, but won’t respond to all requests, so if you don’t hear back, try again when I announce the next round.

Second, over Martin Luther King weekend in January, I’m going to run my second annual winter Apprentice weekend. Last year 10 of us gathered at my house in upstate New York to talk, eat, knit (or whatever) and to learn woodstove cooking, livestock care, goat milking, herbs, and a host of other projects. It was a blast, and I made some wonderful friends, so I’m very excited about doing it again. Cost of the weekend is by donation, and I have one for someone who would like to barter for a spot in the class by doing some dishes and general help keeping things from all going to pot ;-) . I’ll ask everyone to bring some food and help with meals. Weekend begins Friday evening and ends on Sunday, and the exact agenda will emerge once the participation is in – I’m hoping we’ll make cheese, run a mini-adapting in place class and share a lot of knowledge as well as a host of other things. This is an adult weekend, although obviously parents that can’t be parted from nursing infants are welcome to bring them. I will be running a family weekend in May, that people are welcoem to bring their kids to, but this is for grownups (mostly because it is January and the thought of a bunch of cranky kids stuck in the house doesn’t seem super compatible with the adults doing anything useful ;-) ). I can house quite a few people at my place – last year everyone was able to stay with me, but there are also local hotels and bed and breakfasts I can hook you up with. Email me at [email protected] if you’d like to come to my place for a weekend and join us!