Food Storage and Preservation Class

Sharon February 6th, 2012

Are you gearing up for the new garden season and thinking ahead about what to do to make your garden work all year long for you?  Concerned about the rising price of food and looking for ways to feed your family through tougher times?  Want to get in on the fun and wonderful flavors of home preserved food?   Concerned about how to adapt your storage or preserving to special diets?  Want to make the most of your farmer’s market?   All of the above?  I’ll be teaching a six week online, asynchronous (ie, you don’t have to be online at any particular time) class on food storage and preservation starting on Thursday, February 16 and running until the end of March.  Cost of the class is $100, and I do have five scholarship spots available to low income participants in need.  If you’d like to donate to the scholarship fund, you can also do that - 100% of all donations goes to make more spots available to low income people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to take the class.

Email me at [email protected] for details or to enroll.


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  1. Shelley Youngman says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I am wondering if you can give me more info about the class. I am not sure if I can afford to pay for it but would like more info, and I would also like to promote it on our website, as well as our 100 Food Garden Challenge facebook page, and on our Transition Cadillac page. More info would be helpful. I have read your book, Independence Days, and LOVE it!!! I am frequently discussing “The Theory of Anyway” with people. We hope to build a root cellar this coming summer. This year we used a walk out hallway in our basement, and it is helpful to have that space to store some food.
    Thanks for all you do Sharon!!!
    Shelley Youngman

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  3. Sharon says:

    Hi Shelley - Glad to - if you email me at [email protected] I can send you all the class info. I don’t seem to be able to reply to you from here.



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  5. Ryan says:

    Hungry as a hunter.

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