I need help.

Sharon November 26th, 2006

The first step is admitting you have a problem. So here, I admit it. I can’t do html. Which is a problem, because I have a website (www.ourvictoryathome.com). I have people who want to write columns for me. I have columns of my own to post. I have ideas for pictures of people who will volunteer to powerdown. And I can’t get it put up on the web. My kind neighbor was helping me, but she’s working more now, and I can’t bug her too much.

So I am asking for aid. Is there someone out there who has a little free time, and some good basic web skills that we work with me on the technical (and content, if that interests you) labor of the Our Victory At Home website? I have so much more to do there, and I’m so overwhelmed by the technical demands of simply getting things onto the screen - it takes me *hours* to put up an article - hours I don’t have right now.

I’ll happily barter space on the forum for you to write your own articles, or perhaps I can mail you some yarn, or cookies or something. But I have hit my skill limits, and exceeded them - can anyone give me a hand?

Email me if this is something you are interested in. And thank you.

Sharon (who has no technical skills to speak of)

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  1. Avramon 18 Dec 2006 at 9:30 pm

    Perhaps I’m just so overwhelmed at your spot-on world view that I missed it, but I couldn’t find an address to which to respond by email with an inquiry about what kind and volume of help you need. I wouldn’t work for cookies, but I could easily be seduced by mandel brodt. Unfortunately, my Web skills are somewhat circumscribed by the fact that they have lain dormant for some years, where they have acquired cobwebs and been superseded by whole new cybertechnologies.

    If there’s something I can do to help, try me at [email protected]

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