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Too darn hot!

Sharon June 9th, 2005

I’m a bad, lazy blogger. Mostly, I am bad and lazy because I’m in the garden a lot right now, and when I’m not gardening or caring for my kids, or writing, or packing and moving all of Grandma’s stuff, I pretty much want to stare at the wall and drool a little. Oh, and we’re having an early June heat wave - temps every day in the high 80s and 90s. Now I am not a southern girl. I find 75 plenty warm for anything I’ve ever wanted to do. So I’m moving slower than usual, and am more inert than usual in the evenings.

The garden is mostly in - we’re still manuring part of it, so that bit isn’t planted, but things are getting there. We’re eating rhubarb, greens, lettuces, spinach, and making kimchi and rhubarb sauce and compote, so at least something is happening.

In other news, we had our ultrasound yesterday, and we have no idea what the baby’s sex is. That’s the first time that’s happened, and I’m a little disappointed, but interested to see what it will be like otherwise. But things look healthy, which is nice.

Ok, I can’t think straight enough to write the long ramble on demography, the death of Anne Bancroft and the supposed science of economics that I was constructing in my head (actually they were seperate - I wouldn’t do that to y’all). I promise I’ll write more, if it ever cools off.