Sharon February 15th, 2008

For a host of environmental, agrarian and family reasons, I try not to travel a lot. Nevertheless, I do give talks, and I do do interviews, and this corner of the blog will tell you what’s upcoming. If you’d like me to come speak, send me an email at [email protected], and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Coming Up: On Wednesday, July 2, I’ll be appearing on a panel with Colin Beavan (aka No Impact Man), James Howard Kunstler and novelist Mike Hogan at the Atlantic Gallery in Manhattan to promote their new art exhibit on Catastrophe.  Dubbed “The Four Panelists of the Apocalypse” we’ll be talking about the danger of catastrophe, and whether and how we might avoid it.  Kunstler and Hogan will both also have paintings in the exhibit!

The event is from 6pm-8pm on July 2, at the Atlantic Gallery on 135 West 29th St. Suite 601.

I’ll also be a guest lecturer at the Catskill Permaculture Course  I’ll be giving two talks and then hanging out to learn with the amazing permaculturists who will be leading it. 

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