Looking For a Family Cow and Out My Way?

Sharon April 15th, 2010

Note: I don’t ordinarily post ads for people on this site, but I got this email and figured that this was the least I could do to support this kind of local enterprise - and I would be surprised if I don’t have some readers who would be pleased to have this chance to get a calf to raise for beef or to become a family milk cow! 

We are farmers in Northern Schoharie County. We have a seasonal, grass-fed, cert. organic dairy.  We also have small herd of Red Devons, for grass-fed beef.

I am writing you today to tell you of an opportunity. We have approximately 50 certified organic calves, hiefers and Bulls being born in the next 8 weeks. We abhor the possibility of sending these animals into the industrial meat supply via the local auction house and would much rather sell them(very very cheaply) to local people and folks willing to travel for them.

If we could get $50.00 each for the heifers and $25.00 each for the Bulls we would be happy.  These would be week old calves.  You have our e-mail ([email protected]), our phone is a cell 542-7736.

These are beautiful milking devon crosses, dutch belt crosses, jersey crosses, new zealand genetics.  Nice small cows with hard core grazing genetics-and we are completely grain less- have been for two years.  These are not big high input animals, they would make perfect family cows, and the bulls would make great steers for the family meat supply.

We have no trailer or truck, but could arrange delivery with several honest local haulers.

Could you post this on your excellent website, and let us know what you think.

Thanks so much-Paul and Phyllis Van Amburgh, dharma Lea Farm, Sharon Springs, New York(6825 State Route 10)

7 Responses to “Looking For a Family Cow and Out My Way?”

  1. Kylie says:

    I will take those cows. Sharon Springs is just an hour from me and I will be wanting some cows in 8 weeks. Perfect. I’m blown away by this coincidence.
    Thanks Sharon!

  2. Kylie says:

    ps- I’m contacting them now directly.

  3. Maebius says:

    We just got two lovely calves for our farm, or I’d jump right in and grab a couple. Thanks for posting though, these types of networking “Classifieds” do help build a community. :)

  4. Gina says:

    What a great opportunity for wonderful breeds! I wish I was a bit closer!
    I agree about the community building step (supporting a local farmer).

  5. Adam says:

    Wish I was closer…

  6. Brad K. says:

    Wish I was closer.

    The Small Farmers Journal is one place, and I believe there are others, that discuss training oxen - steers (any breed of cattle) trained to pull, when they reach 4 years of age. Training starts by three to six months, I believe.

    There aren’t enough oxen, or oxen drovers, around.

  7. rdheather says:

    I wish I was closer-and had more grazing. Oh well, goats are good…..

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