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admin September 23rd, 2010

Some new things to alert you all of.  First of all, two speaking dates are coming up for me, and I hope you’ll meet me there.  The first is at the ASPO-USA conference coming up - I’ll be speaking on Thursday and Saturday along with John Michael Greer, Nicole Foss, folks from the The Oil Drum, former Secretary of State James Schlessinger, Bob Hirsch and a host of others. I hope you can join us. 

Second, I’ll be in New Haven for a two day event focused on urban Adapting-In-Place. (Isn’t that cool, the idea is really getting out!)  I’ll be speaking on Friday night and then part of a Saturday lineup that includes many community groups and resources.  It’s going to be great.

Aaron and I are also going to be teaching the Adapting-In-Place Course, which is a whole-view of what it takes to make your home and community into a place where you can go forward into a lower energy future.  We’ll talk about everything from what’s inside your walls and how to meet everyday needs to security, community and building energy resilienct.  The class is online and asynchronous, and lasts for 6 weeks, beginning October 5 and running until November 9. This will be the last class we run on this subject for some time, because I have to finish my book on the same subject, so this is the last chance until at least next year.  The cost of the class is $180 or equivalent barter and I also have five scholarship spaces for low income participants who couldn’t ordinarily afford the classes.  Email me at [email protected]

Finally, make sure you keep checking the pages on this site - I’m slowly but surely getting new stuff up!



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  1. Andrea G. says:

    Us broke students would appreciate an FYI in time to seek funding from our college/university - a few months in advance, if possible. I’d love to attend, and it’s close enough this year that I could, except for the short notice.

  2. DEE says:

    Wish I lived on the East coast so I could hear you speak sometime. Oh well. Just a note to say we love your Kimchi recipe from Independence Days. Daikon radishes were about the only sucess I can brag on this year-garden flop-which makes me worry about those who think they can just produce a miracle garden with no practice…we’ve been gardening for 44 years! DEE

  3. Lisa says:

    Sharon - Do you ever get to the Midwest to talk?

  4. Erin says:

    Yay!!! Making sitter arrangements now so we can see you in New Haven!! :)

  5. Lise says:

    Hi, Sharon,

    Sounds like you’re crazy busy, but if you have a free minute, I’m working on a booklist on my blog of the books I’ve been reading with the kids about food storage/preserving/foraging; come take a peek. I remember loving your “100 books about sustainability” list and adding many to my wishlist then.

    Good luck with your upcoming talk; I wish I could be there!!
    :-) Lise (from the first Independence Days class)

  6. Mary Ellen says:

    I too would like the list of 100 books! My collection is growing but I still have much to learn. Heading off to the Mother Earth News sustainability fair. Wish you were speaking there!

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