End of Year Admin!

admin December 31st, 2010

Hi Folks - Happy New Year, everyone! Just a few admin things. First, I still have several spaces in my January apprentice weekend, coming up MLK weekend. This is an adults-only weekend in which we’ll talk about everything, practice the winter skill set - late season preserving, goat care and milking, winter livestock care, cheesemaking and dairying, herbs, garden planning and seed starting, or whatever the group wants to learn! In addition, we’ll have a mini-adapting in place class as well.

The event is at my house, by donation (whatever you consider fair for the experience), and I also still have a space for someone who would like to join us for free in exchange for doing some dishes, helping with the cooking and generally helping keep things running. Again, this is for grownups - I’ll announce a weekend in May in which people can bring their own kids. Nursing babies are an exception, of course, if they can’t leave their Moms. I have a big old rambling farmhouse, so you are welcome to stay at our place, or there are plenty of nearby bed and breakfasts. My house is near Albany, NY, and trainable and busable as well as driveable, with some advance planning (Eric and the kids will be sent off to visit Grandma, so I won’t have a car to do pickups, but last time it all worked out fine).

I did this last January and it was a *blast* - an absolute pleasure with 10 of us eating, talking, working and generally having a wonderful time. I’m grateful to have made a number of lasting friendships, and am looking forward to meeting some of you. If you’ve ever wondered what my life really looks like, please come find out (I warn you, though, it may not look as good as in your imagination!). Email me for details [email protected].

Also, the next copy of Prelude is available - remember, our next book club will start a week from Monday (and yes, I know I still owe you one more post about _The Witch of Hebron_ - next week, I swear!_). First to email me gets the copy sent to them.

Finally, if you’d like to see my 2011 predictions, you can check them out here!

Finally, I wish all of you a happy and healthy 2011!


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  1. Nena says:

    Don’t know if I’m the first, but sure could use a copy of Prelude. I have already read my own copy of Witch of Hebron, which was one of the best Christmas gifts I could get and now want to read Prelude, but had to chose b/t seed order and the book. Seed order won.

  2. dixiebelle says:

    Oh how I wished closer to you!! (I am in Australia!) You are such a generous & clever person, opening your home & your mind to help others. Have a wonderful year ahead, off to read your predictions!

  3. Ellen says:

    Happy New Year Sharon!

  4. CallieK says:

    OH boo, I just check and I’m working that weekend or I would be on a bus from Toronto in a heartbeat. How close are you to Albany, Sharon? Are you near Washington county? There’s a blogger who has a small sheep farm (http://coldantlerfarm.blogspot.com/)there that I’d love to meet up with in real life as well and I’d be even more inclined to make the trip for an apprentice weekend sometime if I could check out her operations as well.

  5. CallieK says:


    This is what happens when I type in the dark…sigh…

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