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Scenes from the Farm in Winter

admin February 3rd, 2011

These were taken before the 18 inches of snow that fell the other day, so you can actually see the ground, but the scene is still basically the same - white, with scattered critters. We’re all definitely starting to dream of spring!

Pix winter 2010-2011 122.JPG

The creek in winter

Pix winter 2010-2011 124.JPG

Asher at the Creek, exploring.

Pix winter 2010-2011 126.JPG

Isaiah, finding material to repair our (very primitive) footbridge

Pix winter 2010-2011 127.JPG

Hauling wood is a daily chore. When the snow is falling hard, my fuzzy, frosty spouse looks vaguely like a yeti after a few loads ;-) .

Pix winter 2010-2011 097.JPG

With all this weather, it is good thing all the stuff in the root cellar is still holding up! At least we don’t have to worry about shopping between storms!
Pix winter 2010-2011 155.JPG

Ducks in the Snow!  You see snow, we see a future puddle!

Pix winter 2010-2011 152.JPG

I bet you didn’t know that goats could smile at you, did you? Well, Calendula says “hi!”

Pix winter 2010-2011 130.JPG

Mina the Milk Truck and her daughter Poppy come out and check things out.  Don’t you admire our beauty?

Pix winter 2010-2011 135.JPG

I do not fear winter! I am Jessie the snow goat!

Pix winter 2010-2011 145.JPG

Maia and her girls, Marshmallow and Licorice, however, see absolutely no reason to go out in the nasty snow when they could stay in the nice cozy barn. They are fairly sure their server will be by with another flake of hay any minute.

Pix winter 2010-2011 156.JPG

Toasted Marshmallow the rooster says “Come back soon! Bring snacks too!”