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We Have to Cancel Our Open Farm Day ;-(

admin May 18th, 2011

We’d invited those of you nearby to come join us this Sunday, but unfortunately, we have to cancel.  Crap.  We’ve had 5 inches of rain in two days, and there’s a lot of flooding here – the barn, the driveway and the garden are all flooded, and the creek has breached its banks in the back, with more rain in the forecast before the weekend.  We won’t be in good shape either to show off the farm properly or really to keep everyone safe – I’m particularly worried about cars being damaged trying to come down the driveway and child safety around our exploding creek.  With another 2 inches of rain expected before Saturday, it just isn’t going to work out. Stupid rain!

Profuse apologies for messing up anyone’s weekend plans, and we will be rescheduling for July when hopefully it will be less damp!