Bad Blogiste, Bad!

Sharon May 31st, 2011

So I know I’ve been pretty slack here on the blog in the last couple of weeks - the combination of flooding, spring, foster parent prep, spring, garden work, plant sales, Goat Camp at my house, spring and a few other things have meant that my online work has gotten the proverbial lick and promise. And now I’m about to go off and be a total slacker on y’all.

You see, one of my oldest college friends is getting married this weekend. This is something of an event in a whole lot of ways. First there’s the fact that we’re pretty heavily excited for Jesse. Jesse is one of those people everyone loves - he’s the godfather of my oldest son - and about 17 other children He’s been part of every event in my life from college on. And for the last few years before he met Rachel, he was lonely. So much so that I offered (threatened?) to take over the search for a suitable partner for him if he didn’t get it together. Fortunately, Rachel came along before that extreme was necessary - and we’re really happy. So we’re off for a busy week of partying in celebration!

More importantly, Jesse played extensive pranks at my wedding to Eric, at my first wedding, and at *at least* one wedding of each of our friends involved in the wedding. These included things like hiding alarm clocks set to go off every hour on the hour during the wedding night and changing the music we walked into to something err..inappropriate. Now I don’t hold a grudge - I believe strongly in no quarter asked or given in this sort of friendship. Indeed, I cheerfully helped him with other wedding pranks on people we both love - painting the getaway car with “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here” (in the english and the original, thanks), filling a car with popcorn through the sunroof, etc…

However, quite a lot of us owe Jesse a little err…attention. Moreover, I feel personally that since I became a farmer with livestock, my potential pranking options have dramatically increased. Chickens, for example, belong at every wedding ceremony! Now Rachel, his future bride, is an innocent here. We bear her no ill will, and have promised we will be just as careful to protect her from collateral damage as our own government is in protecting civilian casualties. I can’t think why she isn’t reassured.

So I hate to say this, but I just won’t have much time to blog between now and Sunday - between wishing Jesse and Rachel well and wishing them well…umm…. I’ll be busy. I realize this makes me a bad, bad blogiste, and apologize for leaving you in the hands of the rest of the internet. I know that they will provide you with plenty of blonde jokes, information about 2012 and fashion news, however - or you could read some of the nice folks on my sidebar or at Scienceblogs.

If, however, you are in or around the North Shore of Boston, I will be giving a talk on Local Food Resilience and What to Eat in the Future in Newbury, MA onThursday at 7pm. I hope to meet some of you there.. Otherwise, I have to go pack my chickens for the wedding!


2 Responses to “Bad Blogiste, Bad!”

  1. CallieK says:

    Best wedding prank I’ve ever witnessed was someone spelling out ‘Help” and “Me” on the bottom of the groom’s shoes so that every time he knelt everyone could read it(and it was Filipino ceremony so lots of kneeling)

  2. Traverse Davies says:

    I think this wedding needs to be videotaped and then released on the intertubes.

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