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So, a Catholic, a Jew and Druid Walk Into a Bar…

Sharon July 27th, 2009

Well, not quite (so far we haven’t all managed to get to the same part of the country, or I’m sure we would find a nice bar ;-) ), but after much hemming and putting things off, Bob Waldrop, Catholic Worker, OKC Coop founder, Running on Empty Moderator and initiator of many, many cool things; John Michael Greer, Archdruid, author of many, many books and public intellectual; and yours truly,  Jew, goat farmer and wordy peak geek (also the one without a beard ;-) ) - have put together an interfaith discussion group on the intersection of faith and depletion – covering everything from how this changes our worldview to how we can bring our knowledge of what’s coming to our communities.

This is a conversation we all agree needs to happen – in practical terms, many religious communities are already doing the work that will need doing, and we also need to engage religious communities with the larger picture of imagining a future.  We welcome people of all faiths (and no faith, as long as you are prepared to be respectful of the basic premise of the group – ie, we’re not going to engage in endless “is religion bad” discussions) who are interested in exploring this topic productively and who have the maturity to behave like grownups on these potentially contentious subjects. 

To subscribe, send an email to [email protected]