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The Big Blog Announcement

Sharon December 7th, 2009

Ok, folks, thank you for your patience bearing with me as I made noises about the blog shift, but wouldn’t reveal the actual details.  Here’s the link to the new blog!

Now this also comes with several other exciting announcements.  First and foremost, Congratulations to Anna Hess who won the blog banner contest.  I got some really awesome submissions, some of them astonishingly beautiful, but I admit, I couldn’t resist the skeptical and irritated expression in that hen’s face.  It was love at first sight, and Anna definitely earns her book!

Second, I’m offering another contest here at this blog – you see, it occurs to me that having two “Casaubons Book” blogs that are active is a little confusing.  So I’m taking suggestions for a new title for this blog.  Winner gets a signed book of their choice!  Make them in comments or you can email me at [email protected].

Finally, some really cool news – not only will writing over at scienceblogs give me a chance to be hooked into from the New York Times Science Pages, but Scienceblogs just announced (this weekend) a new partnership with National Geographic.  Our content will be appearing on and other collaborations will follow.  Given that National has 18 *million* unique visitors a month, that’s ummm…more traffic ;-) .  My hope is that at least two or three of those 18 million will be interested in what I’ve got to say. 

Again, this blog will remain active, primarily for class material from Aaron’s and my classes (and look for some new stuff in that department shortly), Independence Days and Food Storage Quickies.  The archives will be here as well, although eventually they will also be copied over to the science blogs site as well.  But your blogiste’s primary ruminatin’ will be done over at the new site, so check it out, and bookmark me or subscribe to the new RSS feed.

Thanks, everyone!

Updated To Add: Apparently I jumped the gun, folks – I’m not listed on Scienceblogs directory yet, and the RSS feed is not active yet.  I think the problem may be our definitions of “morning” – the admin for Science Blogs is on the west coast, I think, and so when I got up bright and early this morning, excited about going live, she was still properly unconscious, since it was freakin’ 4am ;-) .  I’m hoping the issue will be resolved today!  Meanwhile, you can still check out the site and leave comments through the link above.