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If You Tried to Order a Book…

Sharon August 27th, 2008

Hi Everyone -

Ok, I had some trouble with email back in July and August, and somehow, people who emailed me asking to order a book didn’t get through.  I have sent out all the books I have the emails for, but I’ve gotten enough “Where’s my book” queries to know that there is a problem.  My apologies - gmail seems to be straightened out, but the messages are nowhere to be found.

 So if you tried to order a book from me and never got one (fortunately, I don’t think anyone who didn’t get one paid already), you can do so now, either by paypal to [email protected] or by mailing a check to Sharon Astyk, PO Box 342 Delanson, NY 12053.  Please include *with it* (so that I don’t get confused - I get confused easily ;-) ) your address and how you want me to inscribe the book. 

 The cost of the book is $18.95 plus postage - I’ve listed below.  If you want to order one somewhere not listed, email me at [email protected]

For US postage: $2.40

For Canada: $4.80

For Britain and Australia $10.30

I realize this is not cheap, and am not at all offended if people get the book elsewhere - amazon is selling it quite reasonably and delivers quickly, and I love to see local bookstores make a profit as well, or you can order directly from New Society at  And local libraries are great also - so please don’t see this as pressure or solicitation.  But if you did try to order and never heard from me, I apologize for the technical difficulties and they are still available.