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Final Post-Apocalyptic Reading List and Taking a Vacation

Sharon August 17th, 2008

Hi Everyone - I’m about to head off to a combination 10th anniversary trip (3 days, no kids - Thanks Mom and MIL!!!) and trip to permaculture summer camp. So this week, the blog will be shuttered while Eric and I enjoy some time together.  The Adapting-In-Place Class and Post-Apocalyptic Book Club and various other things will resume the following week.  We’ll be talking about Sherri Tepper’s _The Gate to Women’s Country_ and a lot of neat stuff next week.

I did want to post a final list of books for the P-A book club - some people mentioned that they need more lead time than I’ve been giving.  So here’s the full and final list, except for internet fiction and movies, which I’m still putting together.

 July: Classic Guy Disasters

 Heinlein’s _The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_ and Niven/Pournelle’s _Lucifer’s Hammer_ Optional extra: TS Eliot’s ”The Wasteland”

August: The Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse

Pfeffer’s _Life as We Knew It_ and Tepper’s _The Gate to Women’s Country Optional Extra: Derrick Jensen’s _EndGame_.

September: Energy Apocalypse Month

Books: Stirling’s _Dies the Fire_ and Johnston’s _After the Crash_ Optional Extra Muir “The Horses”

October: Reader Choice Month - You Chose…Hunter-Gatherer Novels

Books: LeGuin’s _Always Coming Home_ and Stewarts _Earth Abides_ Optional Extra: Still mulling this over.  Considering _Nisa:Biography of a !Kung Woman_ but there are other options.

November: Nuclear Holocaust Month

Books: Miller _A Canticle for Lebowitz_ and Frank _Alas Babylon_ Optional Extra: Still mulling this over.

December: Ecological Doom Month

Books: Moran _Earth of Ice_ and Robinson _Forty Days of Rain_ Optional Extra: Wordsworth “Tintern Abbey”

 January: High Culture Month

Books: McCarthy _The Road_ and Defoe’s _Journal of the Plague Year_ Optional Extra: The Worst Apocalyptic Novel Ever: I still haven’t figured this one out, since there was no overwhelming winner here.   

February: Hideous Disease Month

Books: Saramago _Blindness_, Christopher _No Blade of Grass_.  Optional Extra: Chaucer “The Pardoner’s Tale”

March: Religious Apocalypses

Books: Butler, _The Parable of the Sower_, LaHaye and Jenkins _Left Behind_  and Gaiman/Pratchett _Good Omens_ (no optional extras since we’re doing 3 books)

April: The Collapse of the State

Books: Brin “The Postman” (the short story, not the full-length novel), Roth _The Plot Against America_ Optional Extra: Achebe _Things Fall Apart_

May: Internet Fiction and Movie Apocalypses -

Texts: TBA

June: Population Apocalypse

Books: Brunner _Stand on Zanzibar_ and James _The Children of Men_ Optional Extra: Malthus, of course!

 And there you have it, a year’s worth of doom!

 Have a great week, back soon!