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Food Storage Class Syllabus and Intro

Sharon January 5th, 2009

Ok, my next series on food storage starts tomorrow morning - exciting stuff. I do have a couple remaining spaces if anyone wants to register last minute.  If by some chance you sent me a registration request and never heard back, please email me ASAP to make sure you are signed up for the discussion group.  And if you are taking the class, make sure you register for said discussion. 

Now here’s the plan for the rest of you following along here:

Tuesday, January 6: Introduction,  Food Preservation vs. Food Storage, Personal Food Security and Community Food Security, Getting organized, How Much? Finding Resources

Thursday, January 8: Getting started with food preservation, setting up the Kitchen for Preserving, Putting Together a Pantry, Equipment you Don’t Need,  Equipment You Might Need, Beverages and Treats

Tuesday, January 13: Getting Others to Think About Food Storage, The Problem of Shopping, How to Get Started, How to Find Out What Your Community Has Already, Low Cost Strategies for Building a Reserve, Preserving Foraged Foods

Thursday, January 15: Getting Started with Canning, Fermenting and Dehydrating.  Year Round Food Preservation, Preserving Dairy Products, Building a Balanced Pantry, Food Storage Menus I

Tuesday, January 20: Ideas for Spreading the Knowledge, Teaching others to Store and Preserve, Foodie Food Storage, Special Circumstances, Special Diets, Specific Audiences

Thursday, January 22: Filling the Gaps, Things that are not Food, Cooking Equipment, Getting Loved Ones on Board, Food Storage and Evacuation, Condiments

Tuesday January 27: Food Storage and Preservation as a Cottage Industry, Food security and schools, Community Kitchens and Community Stockpiles, Water Issues

Thursday, January 29: Personal Food Storage, Community Context.  “But Won’t the Marauders Come and Take It?” Getting Really Organized, Making It Fun, Menus Part II, Wrap Up.

I’ll be building on my two previous courses, so if you are interested in a particular subject, you might want to search the site looking to see what’s already there.  I’ll be posting lots of links to both old posts and new resources. 

 I can’t wait!