Planning for Irene

Sharon August 24th, 2011

It may be that Irene heads offshore and does no harm, but it is a good reminder for all of us to keep our preps up.

Keep safe, folks!


3 Responses to “Planning for Irene”

  1. Apple Jack Creek says:

    You just prompted me to arrange the ‘offsite meeting point’ for our family - we’d already figured out an evacuation plan, but what if we weren’t all at the house when the catastrophe arrived? Where would we meet?

    We now have a spot picked out - the local fire hall. Since my husband is on the fire department, any emergency big enough to require evacuation will end up with him being at the hall … so that’s a good spot for us all to go, particularly since the hall has lots of space nearby (so that we would be well out of the way of the first responders).

    I’m noticing that there’s a lot of low priced produce at the store just now - the almost-overripe corn and green peppers were really cheap today, so they came home with me. We’ll eat some, and dehydrate the rest. A good way to prep on the cheap. :)

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  3. Raye says:

    Got the manual well pump installed yesterday. (c:

    This almost guarantees we won’t lose power.

    Back to the last few items - gather tomatoes, lash down a few things, prep the duckie storm shelter, vacuum. . . .

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