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Oh, the Cuteness! The Cuteness!

Sharon April 24th, 2012

Liberty Island 014.JPG

(Mina with Goneril and Cordelia – Regan is on the other side of her out of sight)

No-drama Obama has nothing on No-drama Mina, who calmly gave us triplet doelings last night with no muss or fuss. Yes, that’s three little girls from her over-achieverness. And she politely waited until we were done with dinner, and by the time we realized she was in labor, she had delivered three goats and had them all up and nursing. All in all, an incredibly auspicious beginning to our kidding season and just one more reminder of Mina’s basic awesomeness.

As you may remember, every season’s kids get a name theme, partly because it is fun, partly to remind us what year they were born in. So far we’ve done Flowers and Herbs, Greek Mythology, Liquors and others – this year, as you may be able to guess from the baby’s names, the spring kids will all be from Shakespeare (I’m hoping for a buckling named Sir Toby Belch myself ;-) ). The summer babies will have dessert names (the kids are hoping for twins they can name “Trifle” and “Truffle.”)

Babies are up and doing great, Mom is, of course providing ample milk, and life is good. Now it is really spring!

Liberty Island 019.JPG

Regan and Goneril are almost identical, but Regan has moonspots on her side.

Liberty Island 017.JPG

And Goneril has a bigger blaze on her forehead.

Liberty Island 018.JPG

While Cordelia, as is fitting, is a little different looking. The cuteness is the same, though.

Liberty Island 021.JPG

The happy family!