Drinks for Everyone!

Sharon January 5th, 2006

Well, maybe not. But I can’t claim that I’m not enjoying the current sequence of Washington scandals. Now *these* are the Republicans I recall from my youth in the 1980s - corrupt, venal, foolish. The great frustration of the Karl Rove 21st century has been how good the Republicans have been at getting what they want. It is delightful to finally see a few of them paying the price for their sins. Schaudenfreude, to be sure, is an emotion not to be proud of. But I’m enjoying myself a bit too much to conceal it.

None of which says much about the future - watch John McCain distance himself from the realities of the Republican administration he’s been whoring himself to for the last 8 years. Watch him be elected. Just watch. But in the meantime, I’ll take my pleasures where I can.


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