My new career - full time mitten knitting

Sharon January 28th, 2006

I’m pretty sure if I gave up gardening, writing, teaching, sleeping, sex and eating, and just knitted mittens full time, I could make them faster than my husband and children can lose them. Now the good thing about this is that I really enjoy knitting mittens and socks - the bad thing is that even sock and mitten knitting isn’t nearly as good as sex, sleep, food, or gardening.

It amazes me how fast they lose them - Eric too! And it doesn’t matter whether they are the quickie, all stockinette mittens knitted in bulky weight yarn, or the fancy ones with elaborate fair-isle patterns knitted in yarn the approximate weight of thread on needles that look like toothpicks. Nor does it matter if I tell my husband, presumably an adult, don’t lose these - they took me many, many hours. Much less the children. (Why, you ask sagely, do I bother knitting the fancy kind, when they are simply going to get lost? This is a perfectly legitimate question, to which I can only answer…I haven’t the faintest idea. Nor do I have the faintest idea why I have just cast on yet another such pair for Eric in a Danish star pattern.)

I’ve tried the cords that run through the sleeves of their coats, but that just means they lose both mittens at once, instead of one at a time (and Eric won’t let me make one for him, on the not unreasonable assumption that having his wife tie his mittens to his clothes might infantilize him in front of his students.) So I’ve decided the only solution is to knit mittens to the exclusion of all other activities, or, horrors, to actually purchase some cheap mittens for them to lose. I think it says something about me that I haven’t done the latter yet, and am still debating whether I can simply knit full time. I’m sure what it says is nothing good.

In other news around the homestead, the robins are back, which is not surprising since today, at the end of January, we had our 8th day of the month above 50 degrees. This has been a very, very strange winter so far.

Eli has lost his first tooth, and the second of his bottom front teeth is on the verge of falling out, giving him a look that can only be described as “hillbilly child.” He’s doing very, very well in kindergarten, and really starting to initiate and respond to conversation with us, a very great joy.

Simon has learned to play “The Minister’s Cat” with us - I was surprised by how fast he picked up what an adjective was, and by some of the adjectives he was able to come up with. I was particularly impressed by “The Minister’s Cat is a Rufous Cat” which he was able to intuit, means reddish, from a comparison of the birds in his audobon book.

Isaiah is starting to seriously potty train (hurray!!), and despite a severe case of control freakism (also known as two-ness), is a lot of fun to have around. And Asher is starting to wave and grab at things, and last night, slept 6 1/2 consecutive hours.

So things are going pretty well around here.


2 Responses to “My new career - full time mitten knitting”

  1. Musicknitteron 30 Jan 2023 at 2:41 am

    I’ve always considered knitting three matching mittens (why stop at two?). Though there comes the problem of which one to knit when the mittens are right and left specific.

  2. Brookeon 16 Feb 2023 at 8:49 pm

    Found your blog while on Knitters Forum. I agree with musicknitter about the mittens and congrats on the potty training. My Sydney thinks the toilet is a game. My husband and I are interested in your farm.

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