When I started this blog…

Sharon July 12th, 2006

…not quite two years ago, I announced that oil was at $50 per barrel. Early last week, it passed $75, and oil futures, I’m told, are being traded at above $80. The only good thing about this is that I stand to win my bet with my economist buddy, Steve (that oil will pass $100 per barrel within 3 years- a bet I made about 2 years ago) with plenty of time to say, “nyah, nyah.” Small satisfaction that.

This is just the beginning, folks. We’re looking from just before, or just after the peak, but things start going downhill pretty fast from here. I’m sure some readers believe that I’m just that wacky doomsday chick on the blog, but you cannot lose by preparing yourself now. By storing some food, and water, by adapting your home to low or no fossil fuel use. If worse comes to worse, you’ll still be better off having that food, that water, that money you save. We’re in an inflationary economic cycle - at a minimum, the food, woodstove and insulation you buy today will be cheaper than buying it tomorrow.

Please. If you read this, take me seriously for one moment. You can make fun of me later. You can call me a fool. But do a few things to keep yourselves safe in hard times. It can only help.


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  1. Barbaraon 13 Jul 2006 at 3:10 pm

    Thank you for the prodding, Sharon. I’m starting to talk more (in a relaxed sort of casual way) about my peak oil / sustainability prep and about cheap oil coming to an end… in my conversations with other suburban stay-at-home moms! It’s a good thing, to talk with other keepers of the hearth, I think.

    I really appreciate your blog and your worldview. Kudos!

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