Technology Addicts All

Sharon August 31st, 2007

Technology Addicts

I really liked Dale’s essay a great deal. I admit, I’ve had exactly the same thought about the bees and cell phones - I think it is a compelling example of just how addicted to our comforts we are, because I think Dale is right that few of us would have voluntarily given up our cell phones simply to keep our food supply coming. Our “have to” is too close and “food” is simply too abstract in this society.

That may be the single reason that we most need to begin growing food. Not because we might starve (although that seems a serious and compelling rationale to me), but because unless we reconnect our brains and bodies with natural cycles like the food cycle, we’ll never be able to recognize our collective technological death drive for what it is. And yes, I know that writing this on the computer is a great irony - and one I have to start dealing with. Here’s my essay on that:

The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged, Either

Ned Ludd kinda had a point, no?


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  1. EmmaJohnsonon 31 Aug 2007 at 5:39 pm

    He could not believe his senses.. The present day had little interest or excellence in his eyes.. Nor will it seem a matter of chance that in the course of interpretation one always happens upon subjects of which one does not like to speak or think.. As the swish of skirts marked the passage of the Van Kamps up the wide hall stairway, the other party swept into the room.. Leonard took her leave, repeating her hope of still seeing her new friends at her house that night; and enjoining them to let her know as soon as they returned to New York on their way home.. I jumped up to examine the clock, and found that it had ceased running.. She moved off a step or so, and glanced back at him.. By the way, I hear the freeze-oil doctrines don’t go down at New Bedford. It’s dreadfully damp in the woods, he explained.. But I see I loiter on my story, which is rushing to the plunge. To be sure you have; and seen his vinegar-visage lighted up with a smile as you flung him the coppers; and you have laughed at his little straight queue and his dimity breeches, and all the other oddities that made up the every-day apparel of my little Frenchman.. Tears and sulky faces, and impotent fists doubled fiercely when his back was turned, were the rewards of his conscientiousness; and the boys–and girls too–were glad when working time came round again, and the master went home to help his father on the farm.. One hundred and seven last Christmas, said the Director.. It is regarded as a motor or secondary activity, the key to the innervation of which is located in the presentations of the Unc.. There is a meaning in all these cases when different persons are amalgamated into one substitute.. But we must here take cognizance of an objection that is based on a better knowledge of the unconscious processes.. If I subject the dream of another person instead of one of my own to analysis, the result is the same; the motives for convincing others is, however, changed.. But at the psychological moment there came around the corner of the house that most contemptible figure known to the Southern plantation, a shirt-boy–a creature who may be described, for the benefit of those not informed, as a pickaninny clad only in a long, coarse cotton shirt.. We do not give parties [looking at the dresses of the ladies].. Why, the Major wanted to know, could they not be filed and paid in a lump sum at some convenient period–say when the Anecdotes and Reminiscences had been published and paid for? Miss Lydia would calmly go on with her sewing and say, We’ll pay as we go as long as the money lasts, and then perhaps they’ll have to lump it…

  2. Anonymouson 31 Aug 2007 at 7:56 pm

    Uhm Emma I was unable to follow your point.
    Were you trying to be obscure?
    Perhaps this was an exercise in steganography, or some other signal traffic exercise?
    Would you care to rephrase?

    -Brian M.

  3. Sueon 01 Sep 2007 at 3:48 am

    Perfect example of how technology that is being used for good (ie, using the internet to blog/dialogue about good and important things) is nevertheless not free of the negative parts of that technology (ie, spam from emmajohnson).

    I’m not an automatic rejector of technology, but I do think wary observation and careful consideration far outranks automatic acceptance-cum-dependence of such things.

    Long live Ned Ludd!


  4. Kiashuon 01 Sep 2007 at 4:18 am

    Before the mobile phones vs bees question came up, there was the case of the Pasha Bulker, a coal carrier ship which beached outside Newcastle, a coal port.

    It beached because there were 55 ships waiting in a queue to pick up coal, and there was an unseasonal storm - robably from global warming - the ships were told to pull away from shore, but 10 impatient ones stayed, and one of them ended up beached.

    So, the ships were crowded up because of their greed for coal, and then came a storm which came from burning too much coal, and destroyed one of the ships.

    Beautiful irony. It’s almost like the Earth has an immune system or something ;)

  5. tkon 01 Sep 2007 at 5:08 am

    Oh my goodness, Sharon. I just discovered your blog, went back and read your piece that you referenced, and this popped out at me:

    “Now that we’ve experienced the joy of little clubs filled entirely with people focused on X or Y shared thing, we’re less able to get along with the people whose common connection to us is a place, or a history or a more formal relationship? Certainly we’re more alienated from our families, more likely to be divorced or live far away from kids and loved ones. The internet may be bringing us together, but it seems as though it is also enabling us to be apart.”

    I can’t tell you how true this rings to me, and your entire statement on internet “community” which I believe to be a little bit about community and a lot about self-justification … anyway, you nailed what I was thinking.

    My mom says it too: You can’t be picky about the people you see in your town. You can only be picky about the people you choose to spend time with on the Internet. Yet it seems like a lot of people do that backwards.

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