Sharon August 3rd, 2008

So I while back I mentioned that I was working on a new project - meet our new online Magazine, ”Hen and Harvest.”  Wanna take a look?  We’ve got Marie Antoinette’s cleavage, Gene Logsdon’s amazing voice, rich, lush, sexy pictures of food, container gardening, a never-before published excerpt from my book, backyard chickens and all sorts of cool stuff.  It is all at www.henandharvest.com 

We’re all about serious food production and food security on every scale from container to acreage, from personal to community.  And we’ve got food covered at every step of the process, from seed to table.  Oh, and we’ll have some sexy stuff (I mean, how could gardening and eating not be sexy?), reviews of useful human and animal powered technologies, great book reviews, recipes, livestock information and anything we deem of interest.   We’re still getting going, and I know some of you volunteered to write and I haven’t done much about it - but I am now submissions goddess for the site, so if you have an article you’d like to see reach millions (let’s shoot for the moon, shall we), send it along to my email address [email protected].  We’d love articles about techniques you’ve used, new projects, gardening in special conditions.  We’d also love videos and garden porn - pictures of you and your veggies looking delectable, or just vegetables that make you feel all warm and sundrenched and edible.

Meanwhile don’t forget to check us out - and new stuff will be coming up all the time.   Already we’ve got tons of great stuff forthcoming. 


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    [...] Casaubon’s Book » Blog Archive » HEN AND HARVEST!!! We’re all about serious food production and food security on every scale from container to acreage, from personal to community. And we’ve got food covered at every step of the process, from seed to table. Oh, and we’ll have some sexy stuff (I mean, how could gardening and eating not be sexy?), reviews of useful human and animal powered technologies, great book reviews, recipes, livestock information and anything we deem of interest. SurvivalBlog.com: The Summer Kitchen, by Boltlady August 3rd, 2008 [...]

  2. rhonda jean says:

    Congratulations on Hen and Harvest, it looks like an interesting read. The more information out there for people to grow their own food, the better. Good luck!

  3. Mrs. Greenhands says:

    Wow - Hen and Harvest is great! So many wonderful articles, I wasn’t sure where to begin. Backyard chickens, check. Solar oven, check, container gardening, check. I will definitely pass this mag on to my “green friends”!

  4. Kate Petersen says:

    Added to the blogroll at our place!

    (Now I’m going to go read.)

  5. homebrewlibrarian says:

    I’ve been popping in on the blogs of the contributors to Hen and Harvest over the last few months and I’m delighted you are all collaborating! Everything I’ve read there was enjoyable and well done. Thanks for pulling it all together!

    Kerri in AK

  6. Lisa Z says:

    Love it. Love the name, the logo, the articles, the collaborators, everything. Best wishes on reaching millions! I think you will…I’ll link on my blog and that oughta get you at least two more readers right there. :)

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  8. Eva in Australia says:

    Looks fantastic! Pretty much all of the articles will be of interest to me. Millions of readers a distinct possiblilty.

  9. Carol says:

    Fabulous. Subscribed, onto reading and hopefully submitting. Thanks for yet another positive forum for food, community, sustainability. More good cheer indeed

  10. Squrrl says:

    How do you submit photos? Do you just sign up through the Flickr pool or are there formalities? I’ve never done a pool but I imagine they guide you through it…

    Other than that, looks great, I’m excited! I hope to be able to scratch out a submission or two someday soon!

  11. P.Price says:

    What a FANTASTIC development…and so very needed. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  12. Beverly Neuman says:

    But a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design.

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