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Sharon September 9th, 2009

I’ve gotten several emails from people saying how surprised they are that I’m on facebook, and asking why I don’t publicize that I’m on facebook.  So…ok, I’m on facebook ;-) .  Just so y’know.


If Lehman Could Have Collapsed the System, Why Aren't We More Worried About Fannie, Freddie and Ginnie?

Sharon September 9th, 2009

One of the things I find myself mystified by is how few people seem concerned about the role that government is taking in housing - recently the WSJ reported that the government now stands behind 90% of all new home loans - and many of those new loans are refinances, done in the face of lowered interest rates - that is, we are gradually moving towards government guarantee of the majority of private home loans.  The problems with this are manifest - Fannie and Freddie are already in trouble, and with no bottom in easy sight on the housing market, we are facing rapidly rising defaults.

 It is common to claim that last year, the economic crisis at Lehman Bros. nearly brought down the US economy.  The crisis at Fannie and Freddie is likely to be much more dramatic than that, and Ilargi does a really good job of explaining why today - it is worth a read.   If you think things have stabilized, seriously, think again.


Kreativ Blogger Award

Sharon September 9th, 2009

I don’t usually follow up on blog awards - I appreciate them, but I don’t usually do “list X more blogs and pass it on” simply for lack of time.  But I just got one from Rob Hopkins at Transition Culture, and well, it is from Rob Hopkins ;-), so I felt like this time I should pass on the good will.  Thanks Rob!

Ok, that leaves me four things to do - first, list 7 things I love:

1. My husband, with whom I’ve spent most of every day for the last 13 years, and with whom I never could have enough time.

2. My thundering herd of goofy, sweet children.

3. Baby goats.  And big ones too.

4. Cooking on my wood cookstove.  Especially pie.

5. Sitting in the hay barn on a bale of sweet, grassy hay in a rainstorm.

6. Starting seeds. 

7.  A really good intellectual argument with someone who is also enjoying the debate.

Second, link back to the blog providing the award - thanks again, Rob - see above.

Third, list seven Kreativ Bloggers.  This is hard - first of all, Rob took some of mine ;-) .  Second, since y’all have already seen my sidebar, II included here only people I don’t have a link to already (mostly because I update my blog about once a century, not because of any failing on their part) who I read and enjoy - some are funny, some are angry, some are wise - all of them deserve this award.  So in no order, and with no implication that these are the only ones worth reading, here are 7 I think immediately of:

1. Greg Jeffers’ farm blog - he’s opinionated and funny, and doing the hard work of actually figuring out what it means to make this life.  I often find myself arguing with him in my head, but I’m never bored.

2. I *love* the Matron at Throwback at Trapper Creek - she’s smart, thoughtful and has fabulous recipes, ideas and suggestions.  I want to be her when I grow up.  And I wish I’d thought of the term “matron of husbandry” myself.

3. I has already read pretty much all of Susan Wittig Albert’s Herbal Mysteries, and her British ones when she contacted me, and I discovered her fabulous blog - gardening, books and food - what’s not to love!  People say I’m prolific, but she kicks my butt - she’s got about four other sites.  Check it out:

4.  The Herbwife’s Kitchen at Crabapple Herbs is a great site for herbalists - I particularly love her focus on what’s local and abundant around you - she relates the story of a client going on about Tahitian Noni Juice, and her pointing out that you can get many of the same effects from the weeds in her barnyard.  Gotta love it:

5. Meadowlark, who kindly comments regularly here, always cracks me up - her recent Oktoberfest cleavage orgy was an excellent antidote to all the other stuff I read because I have to.  She doesn’t do bullshit, but she does do good information and honest opinion.  Check her out at Just Wandering Through:

6. The Jew and the Carrot is a fabulous site for all Jews interested in where their food comes from.  I don’t usually do group/institutional blog sites, but this one is special. Love them!

7. Jonathan Bloom has taken on what may be the most Quixotic and important cause I can imagine - reducing food waste world wide.  If we are to feed people everyone in the coming difficult times, we’re going to have to waste a *lot* less food - there is no other choice. This is a tough nut to crack, and a worthwhile one - his work is really important.

Fourth, comment at each blog alerting them - I’ll probably have to do this tomorrow.

Happy reading!