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Wanna Buy a Homestead? Or Come Live on One?

Sharon March 2nd, 2010

I don’t usually do adverts, but a couple of people I’d like to help out are selling homes and farms, so I thought this once, I’d post a few. 

First, my friend Edson is moving for family reasons from their place in Ohio, and is offering a terrific homestead.  You can even keep the cow!

Second of all, a neighbor of mine, David Funk, the famed breeder of amazing Nigerian Dwarf Goats did us the enormous kindness of selling us a really amazing buck at a very reasonable price, and I’d like to do him a reciprocal favor.  The house is about 10 minutes from us, and he and his wife have to downsize for health and work reasons.  It is a really gorgeous little homestead, they’ve done tons of work on it, and it has (the listing doesn’t mention this) the most stunning micro-hydro sites, plus a swimming hole and multiple waterfalls, and 10 acres with new chicken house and a nice little goat barn.  It is fairly well priced for this area (housing values haven’t fallen much here), so if you are interested in being a neighbor of mine, you might consider it!

Finally, we’re still looking for housemates for the 1000 square foot, one bedroom apartment in our house.  We’re open to barter or money, and you’d have full access to a lot of land, good company, good food and goats.  Email me at [email protected] for more details, although you might not hear much back until the end of the month when the book is done.