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Query for the Hivemind

Sharon March 12th, 2010

Hi folks - I was wondering, do you start all your own seeds or buy at least some transplants?  Where do you get them? 

I’m asking because starting seeds is one of those things I do really well - I love doing it and it comes easily, and it occurred to me that I might add to my plans to sell bedding plants at farmers markets a CST (Community Supported Transplants ;-) …or something), in which people could hire me to do custom seed starting (from a list of funky varieties probably not available at their local nursery), and/or pre-reserve varieties that I would start for them.    I’m thinking of offering groupings as well like “Herb garden in a box” or “Custom pizza topping garden.”  I could offer fall gardening transplants as well, since I know a lot of serious gardeners have a hard time getting that late crop in.

What do you think?  I know many of you probably do your own, but would it work in your area?  I’m going to have to accumulate customers in Albany/Schenectady, I suspect, but that’s ok.


The New book’s Cover

Sharon March 12th, 2010

Check it out!  And it meets the critical requirement - whether my books are mostly about food or not, there has to be some food on the cover ;-) .

Now all I have to do is finish writing it….

Getting Back on Track: Spring Goals

Sharon March 12th, 2010

I haven’t posted an ID update yet (I’m saving that for Monday) or done much to get new content going on this blog, and realistically, most of the changes will wait until the beginning of April, when I’m not insane working on the book.

But we are moving slowly towards goals.  The first, of course, is that I get my life back, but I’ve got seeds started and the buck in the barn with the does, and all sorts of good things going on.  I’m ready to get started on a whole host of new projects!  I can’t do them yet, but I keep dreaming.

So I thought I’d ask - what are your projects for spring?  What are your goals?