Food Storage and Preservation Class!

Sharon March 25th, 2010

I’ve had a lot of people ask when I was going to run food preservation and storage again, and ta da! I am.  I’m doing it as a six week course, run asynchronously online on from April 15 to the end of May.  I’ll put material up on Thursdays, but you can participate at your leisure.

The class will cover everything from the very basics of setting up a food reserve to more advanced food storage, the reasons for storing food and water, how to handle medications and special diets, deal with kids and elders, and how to save money doing it.   We’ll also cover all the major food preservation techniques, in time for the preserving season.  We’ll cover water bath and pressure canning, drying, season extension (ie, keeping food fresh longer), root cellaring, lactofermentation (ie, making fermented pickles, saeurkraut and kimchi and other fun stuff), basic dairying, preserving in salt and making liqueurs and other alcohol based treats and lots of other good stuff.  We’ll talk about how to take the next step in seasonal eating, insulate yourself from high prices by preserving and storing what’s in season and cheap and otherwise eat better for less.

Cost of the class is $150 or equivalent barter, but I also have five scholarship spots available for low income participants on request.  If you’d like to donate a scholarship or part of a scholarship so someone else can learn these skills, just let me know.   Email for a spot or more info at [email protected].

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