Garden Design Course Syllabus

Sharon January 30th, 2009

 Note, if anyone wants a last minute spot, we have a couple remaining.  Email me at [email protected] if you are interested (click on the sidebar “classes” to find th details, or query me).  Unfortunately, all the scholarship spots are presently filled.  And obviously, there will be plenty to follow along with here on my blog, and Aaron’s - note, not all posts will be crossposted, so if you are interested, you’ll want to track both sites.

Also, if you are registered for this course and HAVE NOT received information about registering for the discussion group, please email me ASAP, so we can get you set up.  We have one registrant whose email address has been bouncing and we are anxious to get in touch.

Garden Design Syllabus:

Tuesday, February 3: Sun, Soil, Water; Taking Measurements; Mistakes We’ve Made; The Project of Design

Thursday, February 5: Meet Your Graph Paper ;-) ; Small Space and Urban challenges, Container Gardening; Gardening on the Cheap; Design Project 1 – A courtyard Garden

Tuesday, February 10:  The idea of Permaculture, Calorie Crops, Trees, Bushes and other Perennial Provider; Seed Selection and Starting, Taking Inventory Making Gardening Accessible

Thursday, February 12: Transforming a City or Suburban Lot, Dealing with Zoning, Small Livestock and Polyculture; Design Project 2 – A Suburban Yard

Tuesday, February 17: Making Money From Your Garden or Small Farm; The Transition to Farmer; Mushrooms, Medicinals and other Possibilities; Pests and Diseases

Thursday, February 19: Community and Garden; Children’s Gardens; Succession and Long Term Planning; Season Extension; Garden Design Project 3: An Urban Farm – in Many Yards

Tuesday, February 24: Maximizing the Harvest, Marketing Your Products, Larger Livestock; Cycles & Long Term Fertility; The Realities of Feeding Your Family and Community

Thursday February 26: Visions for the Future, Becoming a Victory Farmer; After the Design Phase; Garden Design Project 4: A Larger Farm – In Smaller Pieces 

I’m also going to put up Aaron’s superb list of question to ask yourself before you get started!

A good weekend, all!


2 Responses to “Garden Design Course Syllabus”

  1. d.a.on 01 Feb 2023 at 11:28 am

    In gratitude for allowing me a scholarship spot in a past class, I’ve been posting notices about your classes in my blog. Many thanks for your continued generosity, here on your blog as well as your classes. May your generosity be returned tenfold! :-)

  2. Deborah Simpsonon 02 Feb 2023 at 12:48 pm

    I, too, am so appreciative of having the opportunity to participate in the garden design class, through this scholarship opportunity. At this tough time, where I find myself at the lowest point in my life-economically that is, this is a real gift! I hope to be able to pay it forward, in honor of your generosity to me and others…Deborah

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